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Anthony Smith on beef with Ryan Spann: ‘Maybe I’m on some Michael Jordan sh*t’

Anthony Smith, Ryan Spann

Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann clearly had some sort of beef heading into their fight. The promo released two weeks before was an interesting one with it being more interesting than normal.

Spann seemed very angry and Smith would go on to laugh at his opponent’s promo, wondering why he was so angry. The fight didn’t seem to have any bad blood until the promo dropped.

The fight ended up being a really exciting one. Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann would throw caution to the wind while striking and would hurt each other several times. Anthony Smith would get the last laugh as he would get the submission towards the end of the first round.

Anthony Smith shares a similarity with Michael Jordan. Jordan famously made up stories and beefs with rival NBA players to fuel and motivate him.

Smith started to do the same once he started going on his current win streak. It’s what has helped give him extra motivation going into each fight.

“Maybe I’m on some Michael Jordan sh*t where I’m just making stuff up in my head and making a mountain out of a mole hill just because that’s what I need to do,” Smith said to the media following the fight (transcription via MMAJunkie.) “But the fact is it genuinely bothered me and that was my emotional reaction immediately. I’m glad we got it over with. … I think people are more surprised that it’s me. I typically don’t get crazy emotional like that. But maybe I’m just caring less.”