Apex Legends Revelry is the game’s fourth anniversary season, and will be reworking Legend Classes, introducing the Team Deathmatch game mode, and more.

Apex Legends: Revelry

There won’t be a new Legend this season, but here’s a quick overview of everything that’s coming.

Players can claim Crypto and Ash via a login event running from February 14 to 28.

Apex Legends: Revelry with the new Legend Classes launches February 14th, 2023.

Apex Legends Legend Classes Remastered

Currently, there are 23 Legends in the game. The new Legend Classes will divide this pool into 5 classes, each “reflecting a core playstyle that encourages similar patterns of engagement on the battlefield.” With these remastered Legend Classes will also come with new Class perks unique to each.

The Legend Select screen will also be reorganized to reflect these new Classes, and all Legends are now available to try in the Firing Range.

Assault – Combat Utility & Initiation

This includes Bangalore, Ash, Fuse, Mad Maggie, and Revenant.

“Assault Legends are mobile armories, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. Their core patterns revolve around using their abilities to force opponents to make combat decisions that play to their advantage, opening them up for an assault.

Assault Legends are always prepared for a fight, able to gear up quickly from the hidden compartments of Weapon Supply Bins, and stock more ammunition than other Legends. Which gives them extra space for other items—often grenades.”


  • Access the Secret Compartment of Weapon Supply Bins
    • Contains 4 “smart loot” attachments for you or your team’s current loadout.
    • One loot slot is reserved for optics.
    • Chances for a magazine & hop-ups are lower than for other gear.
    • If the secret compartment is opened while no one on your team has a weapon, a weapon will drop with 2 attachments for it.
    • Minimum Tier for all attachments is RARE

  • Carry more ammo per ammo stack
    • Light, Heavy and Energy ammo can stack one extra.
    • Shotgun & Sniper Ammo has a reduced extra stack.

Skirmisher – Combat Mobility and Escape

This Class is comprised of Wraith, Valkyrie, Octane, Horizon, Mirage, and Pathfinder.

“Skirmishers can move in or get out of tight situations more quickly than other Legends. They are often the first into a fight or are the ones creating rotation options for their team. With this perk, Skirmishers can gain early insight into the contents of a Care Package, to ascertain its worth and make a play for it quickly if desired.”


  • Can spot incoming Care Packages to see the highest value contents in them
    • Care Packages are revealed by looking at them for a few seconds
      They can be spotted in the air as they fall OR
    • At their landing location, if within range
  • Can also see when the item has been taken by another team (turns grey)
  • Can ping map icons or in-world icons for team.

Recon – Enemy Intel and Tracking

The Recon Legends are Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Vantage.

“Recon Legends are all about scouting, and gathering enemy intel about their enemies to give their team the tactical advantage. These Modified Survey Beacons lean into their enemy-scouting role, revealing a snapshot of all enemy positions (similar to Crypto’s prior Town Takeover). With this intel, Recon players can plot rotations for their team either to avoid heavy enemy presence, or to move in to ambush an isolated squad. There is risk to this knowledge however, as enemies nearby will be alerted to the beacon’s use and will know they have been tracked. Others far outside of the large range are still revealed, but will receive no update.”


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  • Can Use Modified Survey Beacons
    • Reveal all enemy positions on the Map/Mini-Map for 30s
    • Enemies in pulse range are alerted to beacon use

Controller – Area Setup and Control

The Class includes Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, and Catalyst.

“Controller Legends place elements on the field to trap or fortify their position. They want enemies to fight them on their turf and excel at holding strong positions in the ring. Shifting circle knowledge to these Ring Consoles, allows the Legends who care most about setup to be responsible for knowing where they want to bunker down next. Unlike Survey Beacons, which are often located higher up, these new consoles can be found on more grounded areas in plazas and courtyards across the map.”


  • Use Ring Console to find the next Ring Location.

Support – Team Survival and Supply

The Support Legends are Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar, and Newcastle.

“Support Legends have a more team-oriented focus. They look for opportunities to protect, recover, or resupply their allies. In the new Class System, the Support role has been expanded and allows these Legends to stock their team and keep them alive. As visible locations on the map, Blue Bins will provide key rotation options when in need of meds or Survival items. Additionally, Support Legends can now recover Ally Banners from Crafting Stations, even if the banner has expired, giving new options to get the team back into the game.”


  • Craft ally banners (even if expired)
    • Current Cost = 30 Crafting Materials
    • Banner can be recovered from the Crafter once crafting is complete
    • A crafted Banner will contain all recoverable teammates

  • Access Secret Compartments on Blue Bins
    • Compartment has increased chance for large health kits (Shield Batteries and Med Kits)
    • Compartments has unique Survival Item logic
    • Increased % of Heat Shields when outside the ring
    • Increased % of Mobile Respawn Beacon if carrying a teammate banner.
    • This logic has an internal limit (cannot be repeated) and will not trigger if already carrying the item.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is being introduced in the Apex Legends: Revelry update! This aims for another “fast” mode like Arenas but ultimately is intended to be a more casual and low stakes environment to experience Apex Legends combat.

Team Deathmatch will have:

  • 6v6 Alliances
  • Pick your loadout on spawn
  • You can swap your loadout or legend while respawning
  • Shields regen automatically (We’ll be looking to update this very soon!)
  • 30 kills to win a round
  • First alliance to win 2 rounds wins the match
  • Swap loadouts in between rounds
  • Collect airdrops mid-round for stronger weapons

LTM Mixtape

After players’ expression of desire towards certain limited time modes, a new mode called “Mixtape” is also being added come the Apex Legends: Revelry update.

The Mixtape will contain some of the more popular modes like Control and Gun Run and rotate them every 15 minutes. This will allow players to keep enjoying these modes without the repercussions of the decreasing play rate over time of some of these LTMs. This execution also makes it easier for more modes to be added in the future.

“It’s important to us that if we decide to keep something around long term that it’s being supported in the right way. The game is changing all the time so there’s a lot of maintenance to things even if nothing is inherently different about the mode from patch to patch. Updated weapons, Legends, and game systems can break things in modes we’ve done in the past,” read the official blog post. “A recent example is in Winter Express, Newcastle and Catalyst are new to that mode so there was a decent amount of work to make sure their abilities functioned properly on a moving train. Basically this is a long-winded way to say that if we’re deciding to keep something around long-term we want to make sure people are playing and enjoying it and that we can justify resources for it.”


There is also a new energy class assault rifle being added: the Nemesis. This gun will fire four rounds per burst and has a ramping burst delay which means the time between bursts will be shorter the longer you fire.

Orientation Match

An easy way to onboard new players onto Apex Legends will be added called the Orientation Match system. This drops you (and your friends) onto a map populated by bots to make sure you’re comfortable with everything before queueing up for regular matchmaking. This also gives returning Apex Legends players a chance to reorient themselves with the new Legend classes.