Philadelphia Phillies' fans are expected to give the Houston Astros all they can handle in Game 3 of the World Series. But Justin Verlander isn't afraid to give it right back. The right-hander hilariously flipped the bird at taunting Phillies fans ahead of Game 3, per Starting 9 on Twitter.

Justin Verlander gave the fans exactly what they wanted…a reaction. But the Astros' superstar had a smile on his face and was clearly just trolling the Philly faithful.

Philadelphia fans are known for their passion. They are one of the more intense fan bases in all of sports. And given the Astros' controversial history, the fans are going to give Houston as much as they can handle.

As for Justin Verlander, the veteran is fresh off of a Cy Young caliber campaign. He finished the 2022 season with a sparkling 1.75 ERA and 0.83 WHIP. He added 185 strikeouts in just 175 innings pitched. Verlander's impressive results are even more eye-popping when you consider the fact that he missed all of 2021 due to injury.

However, Justin Verlander owns an underwhelming 7.20 ERA so far during the postseason. But he's capable of turning things around in a hurry. JV will be a vital piece to the puzzle moving forward for Houston.

The Astros and Phillies enter Game 3 of the World Series knotted up at one game apiece. With Lance McCullers Jr and Noah Syndergaard scheduled to square off on the mound, this crucial affair projects to be thrilling throughout.

Meanwhile, the Astros will need to adopt Justin Verlander's mindset and embrace the taunting on the road in Philadelphia.