New Asuka and Bianca Belair Persona Cards are coming to WWE 2K24 in an upcoming MyFACTION content update. WWE first revealed these through a trailer for the Post Malone and Friends DLC Pack last Friday Night SmackDown.

The Empress of Tomorrow and The EST of WWE will both be getting entirely new versions of themselves in the game. As part of an upcoming update that may or may not launch alongside the Post Malone and Friends DLC Pack, the two will be getting a brand-new treatment called “64-Bit Style.”

These 64-bit Style wrestlers appear to be currently exclusive to the MyFACTION game mode. It doesn't look like these wrestlers can be unlocked in any other way right now. But hopefully, that could change in the future. Furthermore, hopefully, there will be more 64-bit Style wrestlers on top of the Asuka and Bianca Belair Persona Cards in the future.

How to get the Demastered 64-Bit Asuka and Bianca Belair Persona Cards

The Asuka and Bianca Belair Persona Cards will be coming as part of the Demastered Pack in MyFACTION. Currently, we don't know yet how these cards can be obtained. According to the UpUpDownDown Reveal live stream, Xavier Woods and Michin will also be getting their own treatments as well.

The Demastered MyFACTION Series will be available until the end of the month. Players can seemingly obtain all of the Demastered cards from packs, not through Live Events. However, this might also mean that some of the cards are locked behind Collection Rewards.

Xavier Woods also revealed that a new Money in the Bank-themed MyFACTION Series containing CM Punk and Tiffany Stratton will be coming soon.

New 64-Bit Style Wrestlers Debut in WWE 2K24

Last year, WWE 2K23 introduced the brand-new Elite Figurine versions of wrestlers, which continued this year. We only had the John Cena figurine last year, and this year the list expanded to also include Cody Rhodes and Hulk Hogan.

Now, in WWE 2K24, yet a brand-new style for wrestler models debuts.

The 64-bit Style will feature character models that should resemble PS2-era video games like the SmackDown vs. Raw games. It's also possible that the “Demastered” models could go as far back as the PS1-era Here Comes the Pain! and SmackDown! Know Your Role video games, which are actually 32-bit models. Whichever is the case, expect low-poly models.

Hopefully, Visual Concepts will add more 64-bit Style and Elite Figurine Style wrestlers in the future. However, hopefully, players will have to grind less in acquiring them. Many fans have already complained about how grindy it is to acquire the recent Persona Cards. Some fans even admit that they would be willing to spend extra money just to unlock these characters just to avoid the grind.

Finally, we wish that Visual Concepts will create more wrestlers and Persona Cards of other wrestlers in the future. Therefore, the only way for players to use 64-Bit Style and Elite Figurine Style wrestlers is through unlocking these MyFACTION exclusives. Community Creations cannot help you save money on this front, unfortunately.

The 64-bit Style and Elite Figurine Style wrestlers give players fresh new toys to play with. Although they are completely optional, they are still fun new content that extends the longevity of the game. At this point, I'm personally willing to buy DLCs that would unlock all 64-bit Style and Elite Figurine Style wrestlers in the game, all the current ones, and any future ones that might still come.

WWE 2K24 came out on March 8, 2024, on PC exclusively through Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X