Cam Newton had a tremendous career with the Auburn football program before he made it to the NFL. He played for the Tigers in 2010 and led them to a national championship. Before Newton played for Auburn, he started his career at Florida before playing JUCO in 2009. Dan Mullen was the head coach of Mississippi State at the time, and he wanted Newton to come play there. Newton went to Auburn, and that seemed to create some bad blood between him and Mullen.

Auburn football played Dan Mullen and Mississippi State, and after the game, Cam Newton wanted to be civil with Mullen. Then a couple weeks after that, there were reports saying that Newton and his dad took money from Mississippi State.

“The first prime time game we had was versus Mississippi State,” Newton said during a recent appearance on Club Shay Shay. “It was on a Thursday night, we ended up winning that football game. And I'm big on energy, I'm big on just posture and certain things. At the end of the game I looked at him (Dan Mullen) and I wanted to shake his hand and say ‘Coach man I appreciate you man, thank you.' And it was a little iffy though. You know what the hood teach you, my spidey sensors a little up, they were tingling. His wife was there, we spoke, ‘condolences man good luck for the rest of the year,' you know what I'm saying blah blah. The report came two weeks after that, and if you remember it was two sources, it was Dan Mullen and his wife that created all this ruckus. Cam and his daddy took money.”

Newton recalls when he called Mullen to tell him that he wasn't going to come play at Mississippi State.

“I had to call Coach Mullen, I remember having a conversation, it was extremely awkward because when I called him he answered, ‘how's my quarterback doing?'” Newton continued. “And I said ‘Coach I just wanted to be a man and call you and tell you and Miss Megan that I'm going to to Auburn, and I didn't want you to hear it through the grape vines, I didn't want you to hear it on ESPN, I wanted to be a man and call you.' And he asked me this question, ‘But how Cam, you know I was going to do right by you we need you.' And I gave him this quote, ‘it was just too good to be true.'”

Cam Newton says his dad took the fall so that he could play

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton yells \"I'm back!\" after scoring a rushing touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in a game in 2021.
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Cam Newton says that no one ever took money from anybody, but that his dad took the fall so that he could continue to play football.

“That's what brought my family closer because even though I knew, still to this day, nobody took money from it,” Newton said. “That was just a grenade thrown into the crowd to just have a bitter person, he didn't come to my school so he had to have taken some money to go to that school, because we had already had a relationship. But I was thinking to myself, ‘hell you didn't play me while you was at Florida', these are all things I'm saying, like I seen your true self,  I didn't want to get burnt twice. So on top of that these things are happening, and through it all by the grace of God I was able to still perform at a high level and my father jumped on that grenade, knowing good and well he ain't take no money.”

There are two sides to every story, but that is how Cam Newton says everything went down.