Golden State Warriors' point guard Stephen Curry has been under some scrutiny due to his underwhelming play in the NBA Finals. The NBA's first unanimous MVP winner, however, isn't even the most talked about person in his family though.

His wife, Ayesha, has been under fire for the anger she's placed all over her tweets. After Game 6 of the NBA Finals, she went off after Game 5 of the Finals, and it was even worse when she complained about the refs and the NBA in Game 6 a couple nights later.

On Sunday, Ayesha responded to some of the memes that have been mocking her and her family. Some have replaced her husband Steph with faces of LeBron or Kyrie, and she's had enough.

Sometimes, Twitter takes it to a whole different level of trolling, and with every tweet she sent out during the Warriors 3-1 collapse in the Finals, her mentions exploded with troll birds. Maybe she'll now learn to seriously think about what she tweets and when she does it.

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