Since Pokemon TCG Online will be closing its doors pretty soon, we have to be prepared for what's to come for the next part of Pokemon TCG's future. In this article, we let you in on all the essentials and basics that you should know about Pokemon TCG Live.

Migrating your Pokemon TCG Online Account

For starters, the first basic and essential thing you should do in Pokemon TCG Live is to migrate your account. Once you have finally decided to migrate all your cards to Pokemon TCG Live, you will need to relinquish your old Pokemon TCG Online account to it. It may sound risky but it is finally time for you to do it. You can transfer unopened booster packs as well in exchange for crystals that you can use in Pokemon TCG Live.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 to 9 unopened items in the Pokémon TCG Online = 500 Crystals awarded in Pokémon TCG Live
  • 10 to 24 unopened items = 1,100 Crystals
  • 25 to 49 unopened items = 2,250 Crystals
  • 50 to 124 unopened items = 4,700 Crystals
  • 125+ unopened items = 12,400 Crystals

According to the information that was shared on the official Pokemon website, you may only have 4 copies of the same card migrated to Pokemon TCG Live. Excess copies of the card will not be transferred or converted into something else.

While you may be able to transfer most of your cards into Pokemon TCG Live, there are some limitations to what can be transferred. Pokemon TCG Online players will NOT be able to transfer the following content to Pokemon TCG Live:

  • Pokémon TCG cards from the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series
  • Pokémon TCG Online original tutorial starter pack cards
  • Avatar items and unopened Avatar Collection Boxes
  • Unopened products and bundles
  • Certain coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes
  • In-game currency, including Trainer Tokens and Event Tickets
  • Friends list
  • Saved deck lists (While deck lists do not automatically transfer, players can export the text of their deck lists and save it locally, and then copy that text into the Deck Editor in Pokémon TCG Live; however, please note that this process must be completed before players begin migrating from the Pokémon TCG Online to Pokémon TCG Live.)

As for accessories, many coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes are transferrable, with a maximum of one copy per item. Additional copies of coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes will not be transferred.

Pokemon TCG Live Economy

After successfully migrating your Pokemon TCG Online account items to Pokemon TCG Live, it's time to learn about the game's economy. As part of the basics and essentials on what you should know about Pokemon TCG Live is the currency and how they generally work. There are Coins, Crystals, and Credits.

Coins are commonly used and earned in the game. These can buy you cosmetic items like deck boxes and sleeves but this doesn't really have much of an impact on your card collection.

Crystals are rare and hard to get but of course, you can purchase these in-game with the use of real money. You can collect 60 of these per day by completing your daily quest. These can be used to buy packs in the shop and to unlock the Premium Battle Pass. With the use of crystals, you can get more cards, build a new deck, and better your digital collection.

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Credits are the most important of the three in-game currencies. Credits can be directly exchanged for the cards that you are looking for specifically to finish a deck. You can earn credits through the Battle Pass or Premium Battle Pass and by receiving cards that you already have 4 in your collection. If you already have 4 of a certain card, it will automatically be converted instead.

The Credit cost of a card is determined by its rarity. We've listed them below for your to know how much you can get for a certain card.

  • Common: 40 Credits
  • Uncommon: 100 Credits
  • Rare: 400 Credits
  • Rare Holo: 425 Credits
  • Ace Spec/Prism Star / Shiny Collections: 600 Credits
  • Pokemon EX/GX/V: 750 Credits
  • Pokemon VMAX/VSTAR: 1025 Credits
  • Full Art 1250: Credits
  • Character Art: 750 Credits
  • Character Art V: 1250 Credits
  • Rainbow Rare: 1600 Credits
  • Gold: 2000 Credits
  • Promo: 400 Credits
  • Promo V/V-UNION: 750 Credits
  • Promo VMAX/VSTAR: 1025 Credits
  • Promo Full Art: 1250 Credits
  • Promo Rainbow: 1600 Credits
  • Promo GOLD: 2000

As mentioned, you can acquire packs and cards via the Battle Pass. It updates with every new expansion that is released and includes a lot of different rewards upon completion of its different stages by climbing up the ladder. Two daily quests combined can contribute to 1 full tier of the Battle Pass while a win is about one-tenth of a tier. If you opt to get the Premium Battle Pass which will set you back by 600 Crystals, you can acquire more prizes and items including Coins and Crystals as well as some special accessories that you can use in the game. If you're planning to play on a regular basis, we suggest that you get a Premium Battle Pass to maximize the rewards that you will be getting on a daily basis.

Best Way to Use Your Resources

Next on these basics and essentials on what you need to know about the Pokemon TCG Live article is to use your resources wisely. The game is already going to give you some decks to work around with and that includes decks that have Blissey V, Lugia VStar, and even a Shadow Rider Calyrex VMax. These cards in hindsight can already help you win a few matches in the game. To build a different deck, you will have to spend a few Crystals to open up packs or get specific cards you would want to get. After being able to migrate your Pokemon TCG Online items to Pokemon TCG Live, you will now be given a plethora of Crystals that you can use to spend in the game (Following the exchange of 125+ packs that we have mentioned above).

The best way to spend these Crystals is to open the Celebrations pack in Pokemon TCG Live. Since there are only a few cards in that expansion, the statistics of you getting more than 4 cards of the same type is higher. Thus, you can exchange them to get more Credits in the game if you get more than 4 of the same kind. This lets you get those cards that you would want specifically.

If you redeem 200 Celebrations packs and get multiple copies of the same card, you are expected to have at least gain about 80k worth of Credits. If you go up to 400 packs (the maximum that you can redeem), you can get up to as much as 200k worth of credits.

Finally, make sure that you do not spend Crystals on Bundles or main sets from the in-game shop. Instead, you can go check the “Expansions” tab and select Celebrations, buy the 6-pack bundle for 1,220 Crystals. This is easily the best bang-for-the-buck item in-game so best to stick around this method for the time being.

Final Tips

The last part of these basics and essentials on what you need to know about Pokemon TCG Live is that you need to make sure that you always research for the latest meta of the card game. There are a lot of expectations already with the latest expansion of Scarlet and Violet being brought to the table and with the revival of the EX mechanic, we would see the comeback of Rare Candies as a thing that would be coming back to the meta. There are always a lot of things that you can learn by researching and a Trainer should always make it a habit to be hungry for more information about the game. Lastly, make sure that you enjoy and have a good time playing the game with your friends or the people that you would be competing with online.

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Best of luck, Trainers!