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Battle Wave 2323 now live: AnRKey X’s latest DeFi NFT social game

AnRKey X Launches Battle Wave 2323: "The Future of DeFi NFT Social Gaming"

Battle Wave 2323, a new DeFi NFT social game, has recently launched. Battle Wave 2323 is part of the AnRKey X metaverse of characters and stories. The official press release states that:

Battle Wave 2323 is a gateway for billions of casual gamers to enter the crypto market, become owners in a DeFi-based social gaming economy, and play to earn real money rewards.”

The game aims to innovate DeFi liquidity mining. It blends competitive esports with playable APY boosted NFTs. This “esports driven gamification” of farming focuses on users competing in teams to earn the highest APY. Additionally, earned APY is paid out in the form of $ANRX, which is the Web3 token of the AnRKeyX ecosystem. $ANRX earnings can grow by doing various tasks with their teammates. This includes connecting, strategizing, and building socially with other players.

During the launch month of the game, MEGA APY boosted rewards will be available for users. This will include weekly prize pools up to 700% APY. Additionally, players can claim free reward bonuses that they can redeem for APY boosted game card collectible NFTs.

AnRKey X also boasts that Battle Wave 2323 is a “truly free to play” game. They also mention that this sets it apart from competitors. Notably, they claim that:

AnRKey X is driving this Play to Earn revolution, expanding the reach of blockchain technology beyond crypto enthusiasts and investors and democratizing and demonopolizing the gaming industry.

The core of AnRKey X is its “disruptive gDEX Protocol” (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange). This enables a tokenized social gaming network economy using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For more on Battle Wave 2323, check out their official website.