The Chicago Bears have spent the first eight weeks of the 2023 NFL season as the laughingstock of the league. Head coach Matt Eberflus didn't help the Bears' cause after he praised Chicago's team culture following their 2-6 start to the season.

“The culture in our building is outstanding,” said Eberflus, per Jon Greenberg of The Athletic. Eberflus made it clear he wants the focus to stay on this current season for Chicago, while also expressing excitement with the young pieces Chicago has in the building. The Bears may be a storied franchise, but right now just isn't the time to be joyful about their current state.

Matt Eberflus was absolutely bashed on social media for his comments here, with fans and media members across the country taking aim at the oft-criticized Bears head coach. Chicago is trying to compete with the guys they have, but their lack of depth and poor coaching from Eberflus and the rest of his staff has resulted in their miserable start to the season.

The Bears have consistently fielded one of the worst offenses in the league, and that hasn't changed much with Matt Eberflus in charge. Fans are beginning to turn against him as a whole, even though there have been some signs of improvement from last season to this point.

With Eberflus as the head coach, the Bears have gone 5-20, which is the worst winning percentage for a head coach in Bears history. The hopeful weeks of patience are over for Eberflus. The Bears and their fans want change and accountability, and with Eberflus leading the team, that isn't happening, and if changes don't get ushered in soon, the veteran coach could be out of a job very soon.