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Bears QB Justin Fields’ serious plea to Trey Lance that 49ers fans will be 100% on board with

San Francisco 49ers, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Chicago Bears

After facing and beating the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has one request for his fellow QB Trey Lance: take care of himself better on the field.

Speaking to reporters after their weekend showdown, Fields admitted he’s going to talk to Fields because of the issue he noticed during their matchup.

“I gotta talk to my boy Trey [Lance], he’s taking way too many hits out there,” Fields said, per Sean Hammond of Shaw Local.

Sure enough, the last thing the 49ers and their fan base would want is for the QB to get hit a lot of times during games. That means that not only is their offensive line not doing a good job protecting him, but also Lance failing to assess when he should let the play go at the risk of his health and ability to stay on the field.

Justin Fields, for his part, shared the mentality that he has which could very well help Lance handle such toughs situations.

“For all those defenders out there who think I’m gonna stay up – I’m not,” Fields added.

It remains to be seen if Lance will heed the advice of his fellow quarterback, though it certainly won’t hurt if he does it. After all, it is of utmost importance that he stays fully healthy and at his best in order for him to experience the growing pains of being a QB1.

The 49ers play the Seattle Seahawks next in Week 2, which could very well be a big test for Lance considering the elite defense they showed in Week 1.