Ben Simmons threads the needle in first summer league debut
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Ben Simmons threads the needle in first summer league debut

As the NBA free agency cools down after a whirlwind couple of days, the association now slowly turns to the progress of rookies and young prospects in the summer league games already taking action in Orlando. No. 1 overall in the 2016 draft, 76ers’ Ben Simmons enjoyed a fruitful start to his Philly career, including these two astounding passes in debut against the Boston Celtics.


Simmons has drawn attention throughout his collegiate career as a player with versatility and utility on any roster. While the modern NBA lacks definition in its positions, Simmons’ passing capabilities have combined with his ball-handling and craftiness to make him a definite ball handler. Some scouts throughout the league have even seen him as a young Magic Johnson, who is famously known for his capability to play any position on the court.

Before coming into the summer league game, Simmons only had one practice with that roster, yet his excellent performance has drawn praise for his versatility and unique ability to fit into any system. Unlike years prior, 76ers fans now seem to at least have a sense of direction for their recently horrific franchise.

Simmons left his first summer league game early after suffering a leg cramp this past Monday, but he definitely impressed in his first performance for the 76ers. The Australian 6’10” PF played 24 minutes, scoring 10 points and earning 8 rebounds in the display.

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