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Cincinnati Bengals are ‘zeroing in’ on Joe Burrow


Ever since the Cincinnati Bengals officially locked up the first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, everyone felt the pick was blatantly obvious. They had to take Joe Burrow.

Then came the College Football Playoffs. And Burrow only improved his stock. The LSU quarterback dominated on his way to helping his team win the Championship. Oh, and he is the Heisman winner as well.

So now comes the least surprising news of the day. The Bengals are indeed “zeroing in” on Burrow for that first pick in the NFL Draft.

This has been locked up for a while honestly. The Bengals are in need of a quarterback that can change the direction of the franchise, and Burrow has the potential to do that.

His 2019 season was absolutely ridiculous and Cincinnati looked completely hapless most of the time.

That being said, they have some nice pieces on the roster, and maybe a new quarterback like Burrow could help them compete immediately.

This is one of those “no-brainer” picks. The type that if the Bengals do anything other than draft Burrow, they will be mercilessly mocked for a long time.

Cincinnati has been in a downward spiral for quite some time. And need to change directions. No offense to Andy Dalton, but he isn’t going to be the one to change that direction.

There is a lot of talent in this draft, and a good amount of talent at quarterback. If the Bengals really wanted to wait and take a quarterback later in the draft, it might work out. None of the quarterbacks are even close to hitting the potential talent of Burrow though.

The draft isn’t for a couple more months yet. So it will technically all be speculation and we will have to wait until that day to see who the Bengals take. At this point though, the Detroit Lions should be considered on the clock with the third pick of the draft (let’s be honest, the Washington Redskins are taking Chase Young at two).