Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals got it done in Week 3 against the Los Angeles Rams but it wasn’t pretty. The Bengals got their first win of the season, even though Burrow struggled mightily at times and was obviously hindered by his injured calf. Still, the team got the W, even though Burrow’s performance drew mixed reviews from talking heads like Robert Griffin III and Bengals fans.

The Bengals prevailed 19-16 over the Rams on Week 3’s Monday Night Football affair. Burrow was 26-of-49 (53%) for 259 yards and an interception. It wasn’t a typical Joey B performance, but with the help of an excellent defensive effort and a solid Joe Mixon-led running game, it was enough to take home the victory.

Although the Bengals got the win, not everyone on social media was impressed. Several media personalities bemoaned Burrow’s statue-like nature in the pocket and lack of accuracy.

“Joe Burrow at whatever percent he’s currently playing is a shadow of the Joe Burrow we know. This is a shame,” Rich Eisen tweeted, while The Messenger’s betting and fantasy analyst Adam Ronis wrote, “This isn’t Joe Burrow and it’s painful to watch. Just let him get healthy.”

“Whether it's the calf, or the communication lost with missed practice, or something else, Joe Burrow's just off on some throws right now,” MMQB’s Albert Bree wrote. “Which is weird to watch because he might be the NFL's most accurate QB.”

However, not Burrow not looking like Burrow didn’t upset all media and Bengals fans. Several pundits hailed the QB for his effort under duress.

The Bengals won because Joe Burrow’s DISPLAY OF TOUGHNESS to put it all on the line with a clearly unhealthy calf in a must win game inspired his teammates to raise their level of play.” Robert Griffin III, no stranger to QB injuries, wrote.

I was surprised Joe Burrow played tonight. Probably wasn't smart. But he's as tough as they come,” Skip Bayless added. “The 0-2 Bengals HAD TO win this game. He wasn't quite JOE BURROW, but he wasn't exactly Joe Blow either. He fed Jamar Chase. He won.”

Now Burrow and the Bengals have a short week to rest up and continue to get healthy as the team travels to play the Tennessee Titans next Sunday in Week 4.