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Bogdan Bogdanovic, Warriors, Hawks

Best trade Warriors must offer Hawks for Bogdan Bogdanovic

NBA trade season is heating up. With under a week to go before the March 25 trade deadline, we’re seeing rumors fly around left and right. One of the most recent is that the Warriors are interested in Hawks scorer Bogdan Bogdanovic, per The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

The Warriors are aware that Bogdanović has been involved in a lot of news in the transaction circuit in 2020-2021, most infamously being the sign-and-trade debacle with the Milwaukee Bucks over the offseason. And the four-year veteran is having his worst NBA season to date. He’s averaging just 9.5 points per contest and has only been featured in 17 games thus far, just two being starts.

But as is the Warriors mentality, GM Bob Meyers and head coach Steve Kerr seem to believe that they can turn Bogdanović’s fortune around. Deja vu to Andrew Wiggins. In what could be a buy-low situation, here’s what a package for Bogdanović might look like:

The offer from Warriors:

Brad Wannamaker, Kelly Oubre, lightly protected 2022 First-Round Pick

This is the more pro-Warriors of the two. Both Wannamaker and Oubre Jr. will hit free agency at season’s end, meaning the remainder of this season is essentially a try-out for would-be buyers. This is no problem if the Hawks have an interest in signing Oubre in particular to a long-term deal, especially if they’re looking to replace add a talented wing defender.

In the event that Oubre isn’t enough to lure the Hawks, a sweetener could be a 2022 pick. The Warriors have a 2021 Timberwolves pick which is too valuable, even with its top 3 protection, and should be out of the equation. But a lightly protected 2022 selection could entice the Hawks to further consider the deal. Though the Hawks are firmly trying to win-now, having an asset for what aims to be another loaded class could be flipped for a valuable veteran, should it come to that.

The other pro-Warriors element is sending off Wannamaker. He’s heavily struggled in the role of bench playmaker and will likely continue to lose minutes throughout the season. But seeing as his contract is necessary to make the salaries match and that the Hawks should be looking for a bench playmaker of their own given how disappointing Rajon Rondo’s been, the Hawks may just bite on Wannamaker.

The only potential change that the Hawks might ask for in this hypothetical offer from the Warriors would be to replace Wannamaker with former Hawk Ken Bazemore. The two have nearly identical contracts, are both 31, and theoretically fill the same niche off the bench. Bazemore has similarly experienced a down-trodden season with his lowest scoring average since the 2015 season but remains a more palatable option off the bench. The move would put a lot of pressure on Nico Mannion and Anthony Moulder to grow within the Warriors’ offensive system.

It’s worth mentioning that the only reason Bogdanović commands such a high asking price is because of the recent signing of his contract. For a player averaging less than 10 points a game, this would be an asinine asking price. But the longevity combined with the fact that Bogdanović is just 28 years old could have massive appeal for the Warriors. If so, trading away players likely to leave in free agency along with a protected pick would be more than fair in this larger context.