It was an action-packed contest between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans as the two teams faced off on the field for their Week 2 matchup. The Bills flexed their collective muscle all over the Titans (and the rest of the league), as Josh Allen and Co. emerged with another highly impressive victory in the new season.

There was no shortage of action in the contest, too. So much so, that some of the animosity on the field spilled over to the tunnel after the game. Bills offensive lineman Bobby Hart was reportedly involved in a post-game altercation which has now earned him a one-game suspension. This report comes via Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network:

#Bills OL Bobby Hart has been suspended one game for violating unsportsmanlike conduct rules after Monday’s win over the #Titans.

The league's VP of Football Operations, Jon Runyan, sent out an official statement addressing Hart's actions. The high-ranking NFL executive called out the Bills OL as he “walked directly across the field to seek out your opponent.” Coaches reportedly tried to hold Hart back, but as they were nearing the tunnel, he approached the unnamed opponent again. It was at this point when Bobby Hart “swung at him with a closed fist, striking a Tennessee coach.”

It seems that Hart inadvertently hit a Titans coach in the head. He was supposedly aiming for a Tennessee player, who was not named in the report. Either way, there's no denying that Hart exhibited violent actions after the game, and the league has acted swiftly to penalize the 28-year-old lineman.