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Bills GM regrets not bringing Derek Anderson in earlier

Derek Anderson was signed by the Buffalo Bills earlier this season to be a veteran mentor for rookie quarterback Josh Allen. It was a move that ended up being a need rather than simply to help develop a young player. Allen went down with an elbow injury, which forced Anderson into the starting lineup.

Brandon Beane, the Bills’ general manager, stated that one of his regrets was not bringing Anderson in earlier. He made that statement in an interview with BuffaloNews.com.

“In hindsight, I made a mistake. I should have got Derek here as quick as possible, once we let AJ go. We (traded McCarron) right as we’re putting that roster together, the final 53, and you’re trying to protect as many guys as you can. Some guys are not going to help you immediately at the beginning of the year. They’re young players that aren’t necessarily ready to play, but there is a talent there and you feel like someone else would take them from you if you exposed them. So you’re weighing that balance of who you can let go. It’s probably close to split, I don’t know the numbers this year, but in the past of teams that keep two quarterbacks and teams that keep three. So we’re trying to wait a week or two in to get Derek. We had a couple injuries, but again, I erred. I shouldn’t have worried about it. I should have just got him here. I’m glad I got him here when I did, but at the same time, I’m mad at myself that I didn’t get him here immediately.”

In the two games that he has played with the Bills this season, Anderson has struggled. He has completed 60 percent of his pass attempts for 465 yards, no touchdowns, and four interceptions.

Buffalo is hoping that Allen can return to the field at some point this season. Anderson is known for his ability to help develop young players. His tenure with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers proves that.

Even though they did not bring him in to start the season, they have another half of the season with him. That will be plenty of time for him to share some veteran advice with Allen. He may not see the field much more, but he is more than capable of filling the role that they signed him to possess.

Expect to see Allen return to the field in the near future and for Anderson to work with him actively. He may not be a flashy name to have on the roster, but his job is invaluable to the future of the Bills’ franchise.