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John Brown not eliminating idea that Josh Allen was partly behind his release from Bills

Bills, John Brown, Josh Allen

With the NFL cap being set at $182.5 million this year, NFL teams alike are busy making roster cuts to maintain their financial situations. It’s not an ideal situation, as the cap has gone higher every year until now due to COVID-19. One cap casualty was John Brown, the wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. He’s been a consistent target throughout his career, and in 2019, had a fantastic year helping Josh Allen develop.

However, John Brown dealt with injuries for most of the 2020 season. With his age and injury history, it was likely an easy decision for the Bills’ front office to let the seven-year veteran go.

After his departure, it seems Brown has a different idea as to why he left. It sounds as though he’s taking his frustration out on quarterback Josh Allen, as Brown believes the star quarterback would’ve had a say in the decision to cut him, per NY Up.

“Like, I don’t know if they gave Josh Allen input on it,” said Brown. “He should have had input. Or, if he did have input I thought he would want me to stay.”

This is speculation at its finest. The entire NFL is dealing with a lower cap situation than originally planned and each team is making sacrifices this offseason. John Brown isn’t the only person to be cut by any means, and frankly, this is something that happens every year before the start of the free agency period.

It’ll be interesting to see what NFL rosters will look like next season. We’ve already seen some prominent names cut from their respective rosters. With free agency right around the corner, starting on March 17th. This is sure to be an exciting NFL offseason.