The Buffalo Bills are rumored to be interested in free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and Stefon Diggs has wasted no time posting cryptic tweets. On Thursday morning, Diggs took to Twitter to fire off back-to-back thoughts that are sure to cause some speculation across NFL media.

Of course, both tweets truly mean nothing, and there is really no information that can be ascertained from either. Not to mention, Diggs has made it a habit to use social media as a place to release his thoughts that only mean anything to him. Nevertheless, this is a very fair way to use social media.

In terms of DeAndre Hopkins, there is rumored interest in the Pro Bowl wide receiver across the NFL. Pairing him with Diggs and having Josh Allen throwing him the ball would probably make a scary Bills offense by far the most talented unit in the NFL; Stefon Diggs and DeAndre Hopkins would be the best wide receiver duo without a doubt.

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Adding Hopkins would be huge for a Bills team that has yet to jump the coveted leap into the Super Bowl. Recent seasons have been plagued by playoffs exits before the grandest NFL stage, and Allen is certainly looking to make this the year he finally brings a Super Bowl to Buffalo.

Although Josh Allen would undoubtedly love throwing to DeAndre Hopkins, it is up to Brandon Beane to make the call. Stay tuned to see if Hopkins becomes a member of the Buffalo Bills while Diggs continues to use Twitter to drop hints.