Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen was seen with actress Hailee Steinfeld after a rumored breakup with girlfriend Brittany Williams. The Bills quarterback was with Steinfeld in New York City Thursday night (May 25). In photos obtained by The New York Post, Allen was seen exiting a large black SUV while Steinfeld was standing off to the side.

Both the actress and athlete were dressed semi-casually for their night out. Steinfeld wore a white blazer and blue jeans. Allen wore a white T-shirt and blue slacks.

This is the first the pair have seemingly been photographed together.

As for Allen and Williams, the two were the center of breakup rumors last month as she unfollowed the athlete on Instagram. She also scrubbed her Instagram clean of the athlete. Her birthday which is April 26, Allen was seemingly absent from. The two had just vacationed together in March but it is unclear if the two are actually broken up and if so when they decided to split. Neither of them has addressed the rumors publicly. The pair dated for five years and their families were friends growing up in Fresno, California.

Steinfeld on the other hand declared herself to be single in her PEOPLE cover story that was published last week. She did however reveal some qualities she would want a future partner to have.

“I ultimately want someone who supports me and who I can support and cheer on and be their biggest fan,” she said.

“I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time with my family recently, and I have so many shining examples of what it should feel like to be with someone that makes you a better you and happy. I’m not really looking, so I don’t have a list of things.”

The quarterback is now in preparation for his sixth season with the Buffalo Bills.