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Bioware clarifies all upgrades to the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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The original Mass Effect trilogy brought players on an expansive space adventure full of energy guns and aliens. The games transcended platforms and publishers across its run before the thoroughly underwhelming Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now, the series returns to its roots with a massive visual overhaul. BioWare announced the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remake earlier this year. The trilogy pack may not include all the parts fans know and love but BioWare promises a bunch of exciting new tweets.


BioWare started a weekly series of updates for the upcoming Mass Effect bundle. Interested ME fans can check out the blog post on BioWare’s official website. Generally, the update focused on tweaking mechanics on the original Mass Effect game to bring make it more unified with the later games in the trilogy. ME 1 famously operated with vastly different mechanics from the next time games. ME 2 proved to be the true resurrection of the series in the same way Shepard was brought back to life in the game’s prologue.

Good news for all ME players with terrible trauma from the horrible Mako levels. The roving vehicle in the Legendary Edition has been recalibrated to make the vehicle operate more smoothly. BioWare also tweaked the Mako missions so that contact with lava doesn’t instantly result in a failed mission.

A number of quality-of-life upgrades have been implemented for all three games in the Legendary Edition. The unified launcher helps organize all three games in the remaster. The developers promise that most of the DLC content functions properly but players need to wait for the game’s release to see if that’s the case.

ME still holds a place in many players’ hearts and hopefully, BioWare honored their loyal player base. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches officially on May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.