Bismack Biyombo has officially opted out of his current contract with the Toronto Raptors.

Biyombo more than earned himself a nice payday after helping the Raptors reach the Eastern Conference Finals, mostly with his hustle and defense at the time starting center Jonas Valanciunas went down with a sprained MCL.

According to Eric Pincus, Biyombo opted out prior to the deadline.

Biyombo has already expressed his desire to stay with the Toronto Raptors, citing even if it requires him taking the hometown discount, but this is the best indication that he is looking to cash out on his postseason success.

The Raptors may have to contend with a few teams that view Biyombo as an asset being that he is a strong rim protector, and try to make an offer harder to pass on if the Raptors are not prudent in what they do offer him. The Raptors don't currently own Biyombo's “Bird Rights,” so they can't pay him more than any other team, which makes his free agency more competitive and brings complications to their own cap space.

Depending on what Biyombo finds most important in free agency, he could land in a new town next season or stay in Toronto.

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