It’s one thing to play at the highest level the professional basketball world has to offer. This sport takes hours upon hours of practice to perfect you craft, and competing in the NBA is the biggest challenge in basketball.

For Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, he takes this heavy NBA workload and manages to spend countless hours invested in another tough industry: music.

Lillard “Dame D.O.L.L.A.” released his first album just last year and it gained the traction it deserved.

“People heard the first album and they respected it,” Lillard told ESPN. “I’m pretty sure they can feel the vibe of this next one and it’s going to be better than the first one. So, we’re going to get into it. I’ve been on the phone with other artists to make it big.”

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Although Lillard is noticing an increased interest in flow among fans, he will remain genuine in his music creation process.

“That’s the best music, when it comes organically,” Lillard continued. “I love to do music. I want to have hit records, but I’m not searching to say, ‘Alright, I need this to be in the club, I need this, that.’ I’m just making quality music. There’s things I want to tell, there’s things that I want to share and I want to have it in my music. The people that say he needs a club banger, he need this or he needs that, then my music isn’t going to be for them.”

All in all, Lillard doesn’t see his rhymes as an added stress, but a way to alleviate it. The life of a young professional athlete must have some sort of chaotic nature to it, and having an escape from it all in the studio probably keeps Lillard level headed.

It’s therapy for sure,” Lillard noted. “It allows me to put my thoughts on paper and not hold so much inside, whereas I might think about something and put it in a record. So if something is said about me, it will run in my mind and I might address it in a rhyme.”