With the NBA Draft Lottery complete, the Blazers walked away holding pair of lottery picks in next month's NBA Draft. Portland holds the seventh and 14th picks in the 2024 NBA Draft.

This year's draft is considered to be a bit of a downer compared to recent years. While there is talent to be found, there isn't considered to be a significant number of top-tier players in the 2024 draft. This means that, while a transcendent superstar may not be had, there are still quality rotation players to be found up and down the board.

With the uncertainty surround this year's draft, there are multiple players in play for the Blazers with the seventh (and 14th) pick next month. We begin profiling the players that may be available for Portland to select with Colorado's Cody Williams.

Williams averaged 28.1 minutes per game for the Buffaloes, shooting 55.2 percent from the field, 41.5 percent from three-point range, and 71.4 percent from the free-throw line. He also notched 3.0 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 0.7 blocks, 0.6 steals, and scored 11.9 points per game.

Williams' parents, Ronald and Nicole Williams, were both members of the United States Air Force. Of course, his older brother is Jalen Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder – an emerging star and a 2022 NBA lottery pick.

Cody Williams strengths

* Offensive and defensive versatility coupled with athleticism

* Strong attacking ability at the rim with a solid floater and finishing skills

* Clean and solid shooting mechanics, has the potential to become a knockdown three-point shooter

* Capable ball-handler with ability to penetrate defenses

* Has potential as a shot creator and facilitator, even playing spot minutes at point guard

* Displayed excellent understanding of rotations and fighting through screens

* Capable defender who can guard positions 1-3 from day 1

* Moves his feet well defensively and shows recovery ability

* Length and size allow for disruptive defensive play, particularly in terms of interrupting passing lanes

Cody Williams weaknesses

* Development relies on showing growth in self-creation and adding weight to his slight frame

* Offensive game generally revolves around paint penetration and mid-range jumpers, needs to show more variety

* Limited three-point attempts in college, making shooting percentages less reliable

* Uncertainty about his offensive drive and ability to be a consistent shot creator for others

* Tends to be predictable offensively and doesn’t draw fouls

* Needs to bolster strength to thrive defensively and finish through contact

Cody Williams fit for Blazers

On paper at least, Williams fits nicely into what the Blazers are trying to do long-term. If he fully reaches his potential, he could hold down the small forward spot inside a springy starting five for Portland. If Williams’ current shooting figures hold up as time goes on, he could add floor spacing and versatility at a premium position.

Defensively, assuming he's able to put on some weight, he has the tools to blossom into a versatile defender. Williams' path to meaningful contributions on the court will likely take multiple seasons, which aligns with the Blazers’ current timeline.

Williams checks several boxes for the Blazers. Due to his development curve, he is unlikely to impact the win column in a positive way next season, allowing Portland to chase favorable lottery odds in an absolutely loaded draft class. Most importantly, Williams plays at a position of need and has the potential to contribute on both ends of the floor in the future.

The 2024 NBA Draft is June 26.