Blazers news: C.J. McCollum and Warriors' Kevin Durant get into heated Twitter exchange
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Blazers C.J. McCollum and Warriors’ Kevin Durant get into heated Twitter exchange

Kevin Durant, C.J. McCollum

Almost three years after Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors, people are not yet over. C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers is the latest to give Durant a good ribbing. But this time, Durant responded.

Via Twitter, McCollum says that Durant himself knows that his decision to go to the 73-win Warriors team was a ‘soft’ move. Despite this, McCollum respects it. He also explained it using a metaphor about gangs and brothers:

Durant, who has been taking down his haters — both online and face-to-face — responded to McCollum using the metaphors he used. Durant also told McCollum that he should have some gratitude for doing the podcast.

Will Durant live like this forever? Will fans, critics, and fellow NBA players always bring up that day he went to Golden State? Does Durant have to do a LeBron James? Does he have to go back to the Oklahoma City Thunder and win at least one ring?

There’s a pretty good chance that the criticisms will extend to a few more seasons. Especially now that the Warriors have DeMarcus Cousins. Say whatever you want, but the Dubs are likely to repeat as champions again.

And in any field, once you’re crowned the best, people will try to pull you down. People will think of reasons instead of giving credit where it’s due. Durant should be on the lookout for more critics.