Blazers news: CJ McCollum on venue, timing of Donald Trump's first rally
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Blazers’ CJ McCollum disgusted by venue, timing of Donald Trump’s first rally in months


US President Donald Trump will hold his first rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum heard of the news and expressed his disgust.

Via Twitter, McCollum tagged Trump’s location and date choice as a “sick move by a sick man.” In 1921, African-Americans were massacred in Tulsa, in what has been described as “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.”

Tensions heated up in the US after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. It sparked riots not just in Minneapolis, but all over the country. Several celebrities including NBA players joined these demonstrations. While it’s unclear if CJ McCollum participated in the riots, he has been very vocal in social media.

He has tweeted out articles about the BLM movement, as well as retweets from fellow NBA players. When New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees criticized players who kneeled during the anthem, McCollum didn’t hesitate to air his sentiments.

McCollum also shared his thoughts on the report that voters in Atlanta have been having a difficult time to cast their ballots. For the Blazers guard, it doesn’t “make no damn sense.”

Indeed, McCollum is setting a great example and a big message to those who think that NBA players should just shut up and dribble. After all, there are so many things much more important than the sport. While it is true that basketball is McCollum’s life, he also knows that what’s happening in the US and all over the world is bigger.