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Blazers star CJ McCollum hilariously reacts to fans tagging him in racy photo of doppelganger

Blazers, CJ McCollum

Fans couldn’t stop tagging CJ McCollum after a racy photo of a doppelganger went viral on Twitter. The Portland Trail Blazers star hilariously cleared the air on social media, clarifying that the person in the rather vulgar snap is not him.

Nonetheless, McCollum even admitted he needed to take another look and really zoom in on the picture to make sure it wasn’t him.

McCollum even retweeted a clip portraying his exact feelings about the viral pic.

Really, though, if CJ McCollum didn’t make any statement about this, fans would probably think it’s him. The man looks eerily like the 29-year-old Blazers star.

McCollum is one of the funnier players around the league. He isn’t shy to voice out what he thinks and he usually does it in an amusing way.

During the 2019-20 hiatus, McCollum took a hilarious jab at Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray during an IG live with Blazers backcourt partner Damian Lillard. While on the stream, the seven-year shooting guard read a comment referring to Murray’s leaked NSFW video that made the rounds on the internet.

Like many other NBA players, McCollum has been active on social media with the NFL and the recently concluded United States presidential race. The 6-foot-3 guard, however, probably won’t have much time on his hands with the league confirming a 2020-21 season start date on December 22, which is just a little over a month away.

The Blazers regressed in the 2019-20 season after making a conference finals appearance in the 2019 postseason. Nonetheless, with a backcourt tandem as talented as McCollum and Lillard, Portland is still a wildcard team to watch next season despite the growing number of emerging powerhouses in the Western Conference.