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Damian Lillard not surprised Blazers is being overlooked again


In the young 2019-20 season, the Portland Trail Blazers’ chances at winning the title are being downplayed yet again by various analysts. Star guard Damian Lillard is not surprised by this reality.

Per NBA TV, Lillard shared his thoughts on the matter. This is not new to him. After all, people have underestimated them almost every year but they continue to deliver.

“Last year they didn’t expect us to do anything and we were one of the final four teams.” Dame Portland being overlooked.

Lillard has led the Blazers to six consecutive playoff appearances. Take note that their team is part of the ultra-competitive Western Conference.

Last year, they made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals. Though they were booted out in four games by the Golden State Warriors, it’s still a great indication of improvement on their part. It simply means that the current crop surrounding Lillard and CJ McCollum can get it done.

As of this writing, the Blazers are off to a relatively slow start with a 4-6 record. But sooner or later, we should expect Lillard and company to turn things up and start piling up those victories en route to another playoff campaign.