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Damian Lillard voices disgust with officiating vs. Sixers

damian lillard

Damian Lillard wasn’t content with a 30-point night in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, rather honing into the way he was officiated against the up-and-coming Eastern Conference team.

Lillard did most of his damage from the floor, hitting 11-of-27 from the field and 6-of-13 from deep, but managing only a 2-of-3 mark from the stripe, which had him irate post-game.

“I got to the rim a lot,” Lillard said, according to Joe Freeman of The Oregonian. “And I’m getting smacked in my head, smacked on my shooting hand when I’m going to the basket. Guys (are) knocking me to the ground every other play. Like hard. And (officials) know I’m trying to score.”

His counterpart, C.J. McCollum shot a ghastly 1-of-14 from the floor, making all of his three free-throw attempts and finishing with five points and five rebounds in the game — a large part of why the Blazers’ usual one-two punch proved ineffective against to young Sixers.

“It’s impossible for me to shoot two or three free throws. It’s impossible,” Lillard insisted. “As much as I got to the rim and as much as they know that I’m trying to score, it’s impossible for me to get the (crap) beat out of me as often as I do.”

Lillard likely has a fine coming his way, so he wasn’t hesitant to go all out on the officiating once he got started. Getting every bit of his money’s worth.

“We talk about this stuff all the time, where I try to just play through it, tough it out and kind of let it not affect my approach and how I’m playing the game,” Lillard said. “But it’s clear situations sometimes, where I’m getting downhill and I’m getting pushed in the back. And I’m trying to jump up and I’m getting pushed out. And getting slapped on my arms. Stuff like that.”

The Blazers will have a chance to rebound against the Brooklyn Nets in the middle of a five-game East Coast road trip.