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WATCH: Damian Lillard’s revenge season has officially started

Blazers , Damian Lillard

Last season, Damian Lillard played just 29 games for the Portland Trail Blazers before his season was cut short by injury. Well, it looks like Dame is looking forward to making up for all the lost time.

Lillard’s revenge season has started. A clip of the 31-year-old working out in the gym is currently making its rounds on social media, and it’s enough to get any Blazers fan hyped (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Lillard is looking as good as ever, and it is clear that the Blazers superstar is putting in the work to be ready for the start of the 2022-23 campaign.

The six-time All-NBA guard underwent abdominal surgery in January, and that officially put an end to his season. It now looks like he’s on track to come out hot off the gates as soon as the new campaign starts for Portland.

It is worth noting that Dame broke his four-year streak after he missed out on the All-Star squad last season. That’s also just the third time he’s missed the All-Star team in the past nine years. Needless to say, Lillard has a lot to prove this coming season. Based on what we’ve seen from him here, it looks like the Blazers star is already raring to go.