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Video: C.J. McCollum blows kisses to Evan Fournier in tense moment

Evan Fournier, CJ McCollum

Things get a little bit chippy during Wednesday’s game between the Orlando Magic and the Portland Trail Blazers as CJ McCollum and Evan Fournier got into each others’ face late in the first half. It got a little weird though when McCollum sent imaginary smooches towards Fournier’s way as players and referees tried to separate the two.

Before their brief skirmish, Evan Fournier hit C.J. McCollum’s back out of frustration. McCollum defended Fournier well, stripping the ball off the Magic forward’s possession. Fournier didn’t like the way McCollum was celebrating his excellent defensive play, so he gave the latter a little shove.

Evan Fournier is from France so maybe C.J. McCollum was just trying to calm him down by reminding the French that he’s from the country where Paris is, the City of Love.

Will the Magic guard return the favor after the game and send the Blazers scorer a box of chocolates? We don’t know, but I’d like to see their pictures in a locket.