Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's sci-fi action MMORPG, revealed its official trailer during The Game Awards 2022.

Blue Protocol Release Date: 2023

The trailer for Blue Protocol was accompanied by a message from the game's Executive Producer at Bandai Namco Online, Sokichi Shimooka. In the message, Shimooka confirmed that the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S worldwide in 2023. He also mentioned that the game is being developed in partnership with Amazon Games. The trailer then gave The Game Awards 2022 viewers their first look at Blue Protocol.

The trailer featured many of Blue Protocol's enemies and bosses, but also showcased many of its vastly different environments. We get a glimpse of gameplay, as members of a party work together to vanquish different bosses. The characters themselves seem to follow the classic “roles” of Tank, Archer, Mage, Fighter, and have unique elemental skills.

Blue Protocol Gameplay

Blue Protocol boasts a simple action-based combat system, which is customizable to fit your playstyle. You can also customize your character, everything from facial appearance to mount to gain a sense of self in Regnas.

The official site provides more information about each of the classes.

First is the Aegis Fighter, a melee class wielding both a shield and a sword.

This is the class that we see playing the role of the tank in the trailer, and even the official description says that Aegis Fighters play a key role in defense.

Second is the Twin Striker, who dual wields axes.

A character of this class is featured in the trailer doing a spinning drop attack on one of the bosses. The official description implies that Twin Strikers are close-range damage dealers and get stronger the longer the battle goes.

The archer class we see in the trailer is named Blast Archer.

Complementing the close-range style of the Twin Strikers, Blast Archers are skilled at medium- and long-range attacks, as well as supporting. They can use their skills to either deal damage from safety or assist the party through recovery skills.

The mages' class is called Spell Caster.

The Spell Caster is a party-oriented class and is geared towards those who want a challenge. As a high-difficulty class, you need to maintain your distance to deal explosive damage to your enemies as long as you have EP to spend.

The fifth class is called the Heavy Smasher.

Wielding a heavy hammer, the Heavy Smasher is a close- to medium-range class utilizing the unique features of their hammer. Not only can they deal considerable damage, protecting the party is also on the cards for them. Overall, the Heavy Smasher seems like a well-rounded class.