John Ottman, the editor, composer, director and producer of 2018's Bohemian Rhapsody is working on a biopic on the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, Deadline exclusively reported.

The project has long been gestating for 20 years. Ron Howard was attached to the project to direct. Even the famous Italian directing family De Laurentiis family were set to be involved in 2008. However, due to the various unsuccessful attempts, the project shifted to a new vision.

Ottman will be working with David Franco, a film and music industry veteran executive. Kevin Lund and TJ Scott and writing the script.

Franco had been working on the project's previous versions, and in 2018 brought it to Ottman. He saw him as the man to bring Vivaldi's story to life.

“There's simply no talent more suited to craft this remarkable story,” Franco said.

Ottman worked with the writers to reshape the story, but the COVID-19 pandemic put the project on pause.

Scott said, “After all these years, we've never been more confident. John breathed new life into it. His ideas and direction for it are truly inspiring.”

It's uncertain if Ottman will end up scoring the film.

He explained, “I was supposed to also score ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,' but I felt it would date the film. Instead, I used different elements from Queen's music, and it's now timeless. That would be my approach for Vivaldi.”

“And I'd sure love to see Brian May perform the ‘Four Seasons' for the end titles,” Ottman added.

Many of Vivaldi's work were mysteriously lost more than 200 years. They were rediscovered in World War I, and some even as recently as 2015. The previously mentioned Four Seasons is one of his most recognized pieces. You may not know it's the title, but I guarantee you you've heard it.

Vivaldi is hailed as one of the greatest Baroque composers, along with Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. He started studying for the priesthood at 15 and was then ordained at 25.

After he met Emperor Charles VI, the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor, Vivaldi moved to Vienna in order to secure his royal patronage. However, the Emperor died very soon after Vivaldi arrived.

Before all that, he became the music director of an orchestra of an all-female orphanage. He ended up having an affair with a teacher there. The film will follow his story, one filled with forbidden love, deceit and the power of music to transform anyone it touches.

In 2011, there were two Vivaldi biopics planned according to The Hollywood Reporter: one from Boris Damast and another from Patricia Riggen. Both movies were even reported to have casted Claire Foy and Alfred Molina for Damast's version, and Luke Evans and Jessica Biel for Riggen's. No updates yet on the films' production or release.

Ottman won an Academy Award in 2019 for best achievement in film editing for Bohemian Rhapsody. Before it was dethroned by Oppenheimer, Rhapsody was the highest-grossing biopic.