Brandin Cooks won't stop bow-and-arrow celebrations
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Brandin Cooks won’t stop bow-and-arrow celebrations despite Josh Norman fine

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The NFL decided to crack down on celebrations this season, as well as other unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. They’ve been very specific with the banned celebrations, including the bow-and-arrow emulation.

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was penalized and fined for it a couple weeks back, but that apparently won’t stop New Orleans Saints receiver Brandin Cooks.

Cooks has used the bow-and-arrow celebration for every touchdown since last season. It has become a big part of his brand, and he’s determined to keep it going. From Larry Holder of The New Orleans Times-Picayune:

“I’m going to figure it out, but I’m not going to change it,” Cooks told | The Times-Picayune. “The league will have to deal with it. The reason for why I’m doing it and what’s behind why I’m doing it doesn’t have anything to do with violence.

“So I’m not going to change what I’m doing to satisfy what the league wants. That’s not what I’m here to do.”

Cooks hasn’t been fined or flagged for the action yet, but given how much press the Norman incident received, it’s unlikely that the NFL will let Brandin continue without facing a consequence.

He has a plan to get around it, though:

Cooks said he doesn’t want the touchdown celebration to become anything to penalize the team during a gameday. But he added, “Well there are different forms of doing it. You just can’t shoot (the arrow). I’m still going to pull it out. Whatever happens after that happens. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my team, but I’ll figure something out.

“The Archer is still here.”

“It’s one of those things that they want to fine anything and get their little … whatever they want,” Cooks said. “They’re not going to stop me.”

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