Brandon Ingram claims that he never missed a free throw in high school
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Brandon Ingram claims that he never missed a free throw in high school

Undoubtedly,  Brandon Ingram is one of the best athletes in this year’s draft. No wonder the Los Angeles Lakers did not have any second thoughts of getting him as the second overall pick. His strong performance with the Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA also helped his case being drafted this high.

Among the strengths in his play is his ability to change pace while driving to basket or stop-and-pop for a short jumper, he also has a wide wingspan that makes it difficult for the player he guards to make a shot. There is indeed a lot of things to love about the game of Ingram, but if there’s a chip off it, it’s his free throw shooting.

Last year as a freshman, he shot 116-of-170  attempts from the foul line for a mediocre 68.2 percent. So when rumors swirled that he never missed a free throw in high school, a lot were skeptical about it.

Chris Mannix of The Vertical had a chance to interview the 18-year-old rookie and asked the question to confirm the accuracy of the story on his free throws. Ingram gave a straightforward response.

“Most definitely, that’s true.”

It’s hard to believe that in four years, a player won’t miss a single free throw, unless he hardly gets to the line. But being a top prospect recruit after high school, that seems very unlikely. There’s one website though, Maxpreps, which puts him at 77% during his high school career.

But without any proof if he indeed missed any or not, the lack of footages, and with the difficulty to collate high school basketball statistics, we’ll just take Ingram’s word for it and give him the benefit of the doubt.

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