Brawl Stars' developer Supercell is reaching out to fans once again to pitch in their own ideas for skins. This time, they're looking for a halloween-themed skin for their popcorn-loving, karate-chopping Fang.

Fang is a Chromatic Brawler who was released with Season 10: The Year of the Tiger. He was unlocked at Tier 30 of the Brawl Pass Reward Path. Now, he's available for 500 chroma credits, the new currency system which replaces brawl boxes.

He's a close-range brawler at heart. His main attack actually travels pretty far, though it does less damage from a distance. It's great for charging his super, which lets him rush at his enemy in high speeds to whoop their tail. Excluding his true silver and gold skins, as well as his brawl pass exclusive skin, Fang only has one skin.

Indeed, it's certainly time for him to get another.

How Do I Participate In The challenge?

Those who'd like to participate can check out the campaign rules and guidelines here. Here are the campaign deliverables (requirements):

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  • Turnaround
    • Front, side, and back view of character.
    • Size: 3456x2520px in either jpg. or png. formats
  •  Thumbnail
    • A picture that captures fan (and developer interest)
    • 728x780px in either jpg. or png. formats
  • *Optional
    •  3456x2520px in jpg. or png. formats
    • Dynamic pose, highlight details, angles, work in progress, etc.

Additionally, a guideline outlining what should and shouldn't be done is available on their website as well. For Fang specifically, they mentioned a few things they'd like artists to keep in mind. Here are some of the tips they brought up.

  • Fang being a fighter
  • Fang's sneakers – The design should be based on the fighter's footwear.
  • Keeping his traits recognizable, like his long hair, sun visor hat, sneakers, etc.
  • Fighting with his legs, since his main attack and super revolve around that.

While these guidelines are in place, fans aren't too restricted and can get as creative as they want.

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Previous Winners

The most recent Supercell MAKE winner was Steamfish, who created the Kraken Surge skin. The new skin will likely be released sometime this summer. The most recent MAKE skin added to the game was Lost Spirit Frank on February 28th, created by Winkysxq.

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