At the SAG Awards, f-bombs were flying high when Breaking Bad had an entertaining cast reunion.

The gang was mostly all there. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk, R.J. Mitte, Anna Gunn, Jonathan Banks, Dean Norris, and Betsy Brandt were all onstage at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles this past Saturday.

The reason for the reunion? No, it wasn't to announce a new Breaking Bad sequel. However, they were there to present the Best Ensemble in a Drama Television series.

Breaking Bad onstage at SAG Awards

This marked their 10th anniversary since they won the award, PEOPLE reported. Cranston announced they were all “thrilled to bestow it on another group of actors.”

During their presentation, they had a lot to say. And a lot of words kids would have to cover their ears for.

Gunn said, “Ensemble — the E stands for the excellence that each cast member brings to every exciting episode.”

Odenkirk then joked by saying, “And the letter N…N stands for no, no f—— way I'm going to do this cheesy thing where you say each letter of the word. I'm not doing it.”

Paul then noted, “I think we have to. It's on the teleprompter.”

“Teleprompter my ass; I got a beer and a couple shots backstage, so let's get this thing going,” Norris added.

“Bob's right,” Mitte said. “My grandmother wouldn't even put this on a pillow. It's so cheesy.”

“Listen you guys — I don't mean to start T for trouble, but what do you think SAG would do to us if we didn't do this?” Brandt added.

Banks said they “can't fire us, so f—- 'em.”

Finally, the Breaking Bad crew announced the nominees, and ultimately, the cast of Succession won. Odenkirk handed Alan Ruck the statuette, which was it for the big reunion.

It was great seeing the crew back together. F—- yeah!