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Broncos coach Vance Joseph now unsure of QB situation

Vance Joseph, Broncos

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph, after yet another loss, is finally admitting that the problem the team has might rest with the quarterback position.

After only being a few days removed from fully backing Trevor Siemian, Vance Joseph is now not as committed to the former Northwestern product.

Joseph asked if he’ll make QB change:

“Not sure. But losing three games in a row and having five turnovers tonight, anything’s possible.”

For the fifth-straight game, Siemian was out on the field looking incompetent. Against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, he completed 19 of 36 passes for 198 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 43.5. All 3 interceptions came on poor throws following terrible decisions and reads.

Cornerback Chris Harris spoke about his frustrations after the game.

“There’s high tension,” Harris said. “We’re not winning. We’re not taking care of the football. We’re giving the games away. We had some crucial chances to make a stop to give us a chance. We got back on the turnovers, which was a positive. Other than that, it was an ugly game. It’s hard. We spotted them seven. We do things to where they get on the board first in ways other than scoring on defense. I tried to make plays. I tried to do whatever I can to get turnovers. But, [Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith] doesn’t try [the cornerbacks] too much. He just goes to the tight end most of the time. It’s hard to make plays.”

“We’ve got to score some points,” Harris said. “We’ve got to get some crucial stops when we can. We got back on the turnovers. We can’t win if we can’t score.”

I guess we will see what changes, if anything, Vance Joseph makes as the week inches closer to Sunday.