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Broncos not expected to take a QB at No. 10

John Elway, Broncos

The Denver Broncos got their starter at quarterback for next season after trading for former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Denver has since traded last season’s starter Case Keenum to the Washington Redskins and are clearly committed to Flacco.

After some speculation has suggested the Broncos might be looking to add a quarterback of the future to the roster via this year’s NFL Draft, now that Flacco has arrived, this is highly unlikely, according to Mike Klis of 9News.

At this point, it would be a surprise if the Broncos took a QB with their No. 10 overall pick. Flacco is their guy and the team has too many other starter needs.

However, it also would be a surprise if the Broncos didn’t take a quarterback before the draft concludes.

The Broncos have a solid quarterback once again and since Peyton Manning retired a few seasons ago, filling the position has been a huge need to for the team. After the team was speculated to seek out a quarterback in the first round, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be going for the likes of Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray.

The team may seek out a quarterback in the draft, but it will likely be in the second, third or in the later rounds. The team could definitely use a backup quarterback to develop under Flacco as well as the team’s general manager John Elway, who used to be a pretty good quarterback himself.

Flacco is entering his 12th season and offers a lot of knowledge to a young quarterback, but the areas that Denver needs to fill elsewhere are much more significant at this point in time. Recent mock drafts have the Broncos addressing defensive needs as they hope to reestablish the top defense the team once had not so long ago.