Broncos news: Drew Lock continues to perfect his craft during lockdown
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Broncos QB Drew Lock continues to perfect his craft during lockdown

Drew Lock, Broncos

Drew Lock of the Denver Broncos is still working out as much as he can while remaining under lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, according to a story by Charean Williams on NBC Sports.

Lock is staying in his parents’ home in Kansas City, where he is maintaining a workout and training regimen with his private quarterbacks coach:

“I can still throw with [him] here and there. My trainer is here. They shut all the gyms down, but we found a ton of different ways to get work in at home with bands and whatnot… You’ve just got to adapt. You’ve got to figure out ways to stay in shape. I’ve got my elevation mask working here, running around the block still. I started training with that probably a month before I ended up getting out to Denver before the year started last year, so just trying to keep in the swing of things, realizing right now it is a little weird but it’s definitely going to end, and we’ll have to get back to normal life soon. The better you can be prepared for getting back to normal life, I think that’s kind of been the mindset I’ve had.”

Lock started five games for the Broncos in his rookie season last year, and he actually went 4-1 in those games to end the season – pushing Denver’s record from a dispiriting 3-8 with Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen to a slightly below-par 7-9 showing by the end of the season. Not bad for a 23-year-old second-round pick.