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49ers’ George Kittle sends Broncos’ Noah Fant his ‘People’s Tight End’ belt

George Kittle, Noah Fant, Broncos, 49ers

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is one of the best at his position. He’s also a noted wrestling fan.

With all that in mind, Kittle combined his talents and his love to create the “People’s Tight End” belt. The point of the belt is to honor who the “best” tight end of each week is.

For Kittle, that tight end was Noah Fant in Week 9.

The Denver Broncos rookie tight end had his best game of the year in Week 9. Against the Cleveland Browns had three receptions for 115 yards and one touchdown.

That gave Fant 23 receptions for 300 yards and two touchdowns on the year. Basically, it really boosted his numbers.

Kittle and Fant both went to College at Iowa. So you could have seen this coming sooner or later. At some point, Kittle was going to want to give the belt to some of his former teammates. T.J. Hockenson also attended Iowa at the same time.

That is not to say Fant did not deserve the belt though. He was a major part of the Broncos’ win in Week 9, just their third of the year.

This is something that could become a fan favorite tradition sooner, rather than later. Who doesn’t love mixing football with wrestling? We’ll get to argue over who deserved the belt. Maybe we’ll even get someone winning the belt back-to-back weeks. Can someone hold onto the belt for a long time?

These are all questions we hopefully get answers to as this belt sticks around for a long, long time. For now though, it’s still a brand new idea and Fant can add his name in the history books as one of the first tight ends to hold the belt.

Can he start a Pete Dunne like rein? Will he win it a ton like Ric Flair? Or is this a one-week thing?