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Melvin Gordon calls his Madden 21 rating ‘wack’

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Melvin Gordon is laughing off his new Madden 21 player rating. The Denver Broncos’ two-time Pro Bowler received an 84 overall player rating in the upcoming installment of the popular American football simulation game.

Speaking with ESPN, Gordon told anchor Elle Duncan what he truly felt about the news.

“Wack. That’s wack.” the Broncos RB expressed. “I’m hurt. I’m going to @ Madden as soon as I get off this interview.”


The 84 player rating has Gordon tied as the 19th best runningback in the entire NFL, per the Madden ratings. The newly acquired sprinter by the Broncos was at 92 when Madden 20 was released, which had him as at the top four in his position.

Unfortunately, Gordon’s fifth and final season with the Los Angeles Chargers was rather disappointing, as he tallied the lowest rushing yards in his young career with just 612 and a 3.8 yards per carry average. This subpar performance pushed the running back down 16 spots in this year’s Madden ratings.

However, as Duncan explained, not all is lost for the 27-year-old RB. Though his overall rating is below 90, he’s the only running back to score a 90 or better in speed (91), stiff arm (90) and juke move (90).

That’s not so “wack”, Mr. Gordon.

After five seasons playing for the Chargers, Melvin Gordon was released by the LA franchise to the delight of the Broncos. Denver immediately signed him to a two-year, $16 million contract. Hopefully, a new team gives Gordon a chance to prove that he’s more than an 84.