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Phillip Lindsay reveals Broncos’ offensive philosophy

Phillip Lindsay, Broncos

Denver Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay is excited about the new offensive philosophy of the team because he believes it fits him better.

Each of the first two years in the NFL, Lindsay had to adapt to a new offensive style. Former New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur is the new Broncos offensive coordinator, something that Lindsay is excited about:

“I think it’s gonna be simpler for us to learn,” Lindsay said via Nicki Jhabvala  of The Athletic. “And I think it’s going to be aggressive. I just think that it’s what fits my style, and I’ve been able to adapt to every style, but I think that this style right here is something that is going to fit me, kind of like how my rookie year was. I’m excited about that.”

Lindsay’s found a lot of success in his rookie season with the Broncos in averaging 5.4 yards per carry. He didn’t find as much success during his sophomore season, but Lindsay is someone who believes he can be more consistent going forward:

“I pride myself on being consistent,” Lindsay said. “I’m gonna put everything out there. When I’m there, I’m gonna give it everything I got. I’m gonna be dialed in on my plays, on the runs on the blocks. It doesn’t take me 20 carries to get an explosive run. I’ll find a way to get an explosive in five carries. Once I get a feel of the defense and the linebackers, then I got them.”

The Broncos have brought in Melvin Gordon to also be a threat out of the backfield, but the expectation is that Lindsay will still get plenty of chances to be an impact player in Denver.