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Ravens DC compares facing Broncos’ Von Miller to LeBron James

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is undoubtedly one of the best defensive players in the NFL. Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale has even likened him to Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James.

Both players are regarded as some of the best in their sport. According to Nicki Jhabvala of The Athletic, Martindale says like James, you can only hope to contain Miller.

“It’s like playing LeBron… Every now and then, LeBron is going to clear the lane and go dunk. Those types of players do that. I think that’s the same thing with Von on the defensive side of it. You always have to account for him …”

This is quite the comparison coming from Martindale. However, it is true in many ways.

James has been the most dominant player in the NBA over the last decade. His physical prowess is matched only by his overall skill set as a player. Teams have long tried to figure out a way to stop James from putting up historic numbers on a nightly basis. However, his athletic ability and basketball IQ have proven to be too much. The rest of the NBA is now relegated to simply trying their best from not allowing him to do too much damage.

Meanwhile, Miller’s resume makes him the ideal NFL equivalent to James. He possesses the very same kind of rare combination of speed and strength as a football player. Perhaps the most notable trait they share is their durability. James has had the fortune of never missing an extended period of time due to injury. Meanwhile, Miller has played the entire regular season in all but two years since his career started. That said, Baltimore’s offensive line will have its work cut out when they try to contain him in Week 3.