In the last week of December, the Denver Broncos fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett two games before he could complete his first season with the team. The Broncos now find themselves looking for a head coach in the same season that they hired one.

After practice on Wednesday, quarterback Russell Wilson chimed in on the situation. He didn't name any specific candidate, but he mentioned that there are “amazing coaches and brilliant people” that the Broncos will be considering for their head coaching vacancy.

“I think what we desire, what we want as players, [is] we all want to win,” said Wilson. “We want a winner. We want a person that's going to encourage us and challenge us at the same time, push us […] to the edge every day. And also teach us how to be better men every day and all that. All that counts.”

While Russell Wilson most likely won't have much say in the head coaching decision, he is confident CEO Greg Penner and GM George Paton will find the right guy for the job.

“I know Greg and George […] and the executive team upstairs, they're going to do a great job of finding a great head coach,” Wilson added.

While the Broncos' 2022 season went about as poorly as anyone could have expected, Wilson still advocated for the team's current situation.

“This is a great job,” said Wilson. “This is a great place to be. I didn't realize there were 300 days of sunshine here. I knew our fans were great, but just the energy of the city has been special.”