Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright didn't hold back in criticizing and mocking the Denver Broncos for the Russell Wilson blockbuster deal over a year ago.

To recall, the Broncos made the move to acquire Wilson from the Seahawks during the 2022 offseason, giving away two first-round picks, two second-round picks and a fifth-rounder. They also sent quarterback Drew Lock, tight end Noah Fant and defensive lineman Shelby Harris to Seattle to complete the trade.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, their first year with Wilson didn't go as planned. They finished the campaign with a 5-12 record, which was the second-worst tally in the AFC. Even before the season ended, the team also decided to fire head coach Nathaniel Hackett, a further proof of the disappointment and frustrations within the organization.

With everything that happened–including the fact that Seattle made the playoffs in the past season–Wright couldn't help but call the Seahawks-Broncos deal as the “biggest trade heist in NFL history.”

“When I look at this Russell Wilson situation, this could potentially go down as the biggest trade heist in NFL history. We're talking two first-found picks, we're talking two second-round picks, we're talking a bunch of good football players Noah Fant, Shelby Harris, Drew Lock,” Wright shared during an appearance on Good Morning Football.

“We're talking about they gave this man five years, and paid him a lot of money to say you are our guy for the next five years. Russell Wilson, we're putting all of our eggs into you and all they've gotten so far is five wins, and a fired head coach. And so right now this is looking very scary. This is looking ugly.”

KJ Wright added that the Seahawks are looking like real geniuses for getting the deal done, especially since the picks they acquired are looking really valuable now.

Of course considering the Broncos' epic fail in 2022, the trade is certainly trending to be a massive loss for them. However, that will only happen if Denver fails to win the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson. With that said, Denver fans better hope that they do.