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Several Broncos players expected to protest in Denver on Saturday


There have been multiple teams in the NFL to have players participate in the protests around the country. After floating the idea around throughout the team, several players from the Denver Broncos are expected to protest in Denver on Saturday.

Kareem Jackson, a veteran safety that is entering his second year with the Broncos, spoke about the idea earlier this week with the media:

“I think it may be a thing where we need to get out and maybe try to put together our own march, like I said, so that these kids and everybody in these communities can actually see us and see we’re there to help them,” said Jackson.

Many players in the NFL have questioned how they can do their part in combating the racial injustices in our society. While players want to avoid rioting, they can join in with other protesters to let their voices be heard.

Jason McCourty of the New England Patriots advised players to use their platform to speak against the issues going on. In light of that, some players on the Broncos seem to be taking that to heart as they prepare to protest on Saturday.

Led by Jackson, some members of the Broncos are taking it upon themselves to unite with protesters in Denver. As a result of them joining in, it could allow some people to gather the courage to speak out on the issues.

Besides Jackson, it remains to be seen who else will be joining the veteran safety on Saturday. Regardless of who makes an appearance, having players support the cause can go a long way.