Broncos news: Von Miller issues FIFA challenge to Chad Johnson and hilarity ensues
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Broncos’ Von Miller issues FIFA challenge to Chad Johnson and hilarity ensues

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Von Miller has some time to himself until the Denver Broncos report to training camp later this month, and he’s extended a friendly wager to a former NFL legend. While playing FIFA, Miller issued a challenge to Chad Johnson, creating a comical exchange on Twitter.

The exchange began with Miller reaching out to Johnson on Twitter, challenging him to a FIFA game. Johnson, who’s known as a skillful player at the FIFA video game, responded by asking Miller if he wanted to lose. Then, Miller responded with one of Johnson’s famous lines that he uttered during his playing career.

After joking with Johnson, Miller proceeded to ask the former NFL wide receiver if he wanted to live stream the game. Earlier this offseason, with more time on his hands, Miller created a Youtube channel.

Johnson is viewed as a skillful player in the FIFA video game and would undoubtedly be the heavy favorite over Miller. Even Nick Griffith, a sports director for FOX 31 in Denver, believes Johnson would easily win. However, the All-Pro edge rusher believes he could upset Johnson.

The conversation concluded with Miller telling Johnson to give him a time and a place for their match. The former Pro Bowl wide receiver informed Miller that they could play at 8 pm on Thursday. At the same time, Johnson told Miller he’d spot him a two-goal lead at the beginning of the game.

As of this moment, it remains to be seen if Miller and Johnson officially conduct a friendly FIFA game on Thursday. But if they do go through with the match, then seeing both of them trash talk while playing would be must-watch entertainment.