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WATCH: Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay is not happy about his avatar in Madden 20

Phillip Lindsay, Broncos

When coming into the NFL, players are always curious to see themselves in the next Madden video game. Earlier this week, an EA Sports representative attended a Denver Broncos practice and Phillip Lindsay does not approve of his avatar on Madden 20.

In the video game, Lindsay is sporting a dark goatee with spiky black hair. The only problem is—in real life, Lindsay has curly brown hair that resembles an afro. It’s safe to say that EA didn’t include Lindsay’s actual face into the game.

The second-year running back wants some answers and by the looks of it, he definitely deserves it. Thankfully, it seems like a change is on the way soon for Lindsay’s avatar.

During the video, Lindsay immediately brings up the discussion on his player’s model in the video game. The Madden Ratings Adjustor quickly said he understands the frustration and that a change is on the way.

In this year’s game, Lindsay was given an 86 overall rating, making him the 14th highest-rated running back in Madden 20. Not too shabby for an undrafted rookie out of Colorado who was overlooked since high school.

Last year in his rookie season, Lindsay rushed for 1,037 yards and nine touchdowns. He became just the third undrafted rookie rusher to surpass 1,000 yards on the ground in NFL history.

Among the three running backs to do so, Lindsay became the first undrafted rookie running back to be named to the Pro Bowl. At the least, EA Sports could include his actual face in the game to give him his props.