Bronny James has an other-worldly hype to live up to. After all, his father is Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. To help get a better understanding of the young man, we’ve put together a short scouting profile with videos, stats and some comparisons. Let’s dip our toes into a Bronny James profile, kids. A Bronny James scouting type of content.

The oldest son of a living legend, James is only 6-foot-2, but he’s likely still growing. A guard-ish type of talent, he clearly inherited some of his father’s abilities. Bronny James has a court vision ahead of his age group, a strong build with excellent lateral quickness, and it is said his shooting is way ahead of where LeBron’s was at this stage in the game.

It has to be noted, harshly, that Bronny James doesn’t appear as some insane athlete — at least not yet. He’s not even old enough to buy a pack of smokes — which, you know, don’t do kids! — so some of that will come in time. Still, when compared to his contemporaries, he’s right there and then some. Some might even dare to say, if bold enough, “that he’s all that and a bag of chips!”

I, friends, dare to say it in this here Bronny James profile.

As it is with nearly every player at this stage in his development, Bronny James needs some work. His shooting starts far too low, which is easily explained away by his physical immaturity. As he gets a bit longer in the tooth, it’ll be important to see where his shot actually begins.

Even with that being the case, his overall frame is something to keep an eyeball or two on. LeBron has an elite, all-time frame when you couple it with his athleticism. It’s a bit unrealistic to 1: compare Bronny James to his father, and 2: expect any player to be similar to one of the very best to have ever trotted on a hardwood.

Zion Williamson is one of the few truly remarkable, elite-framed players to have come to the highest levels of basketball since LeBron. To believe Bronny James will also do so, simply due to genetics, would be misguided and wholly unfair.

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As for his stats, they are fluid. To keep most up-to-date with his numbers, it’s likely best to follow a website that tracks such things as high school data. For what it is worth, the counting-stats look bluh, but don’t forget he plays for one of the best high school teams in the entire country and isn’t an upperclassman yet.

That’s a relatively quick scouting profile of a kid who is 100 percent still a work-in-progress. It’s time to look at another video of Bronny James before we get to the comparisons.

Well, comparisons are tough, especially at the time of this writing. We’re talking about an insanely young basketball prospect who is likely to still grow into his frame, height and general basketball IQ.

That being said, if forced to make a comparison for the 6-foot-2 — and still growing — 2023 college basketball prospect (and assumed 2024 first round NBA Draft pick) there’s a few guys to mention. Let’s do that now as we go into the Bronny James profile of glory.

He has his father’s calmness and appears to be growing into a higher-level IQ. As far as his play itself, he’s far more a combo-guard at the moment; though one who can both stroke it from distance and get to the basket. It sounds hyperbolic — because of course it will since he’s a literal child — but Ja Morant fits for the time being.

Nevertheless, we’ll try to keep this page on Bronny James updated as he gains experience and we have increased scouting information. Here’s one last video before we say goodbye!