Browns news: Baker Mayfield says high expectations don't matter
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Baker Mayfield says high expectations don’t matter

Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns have ultra-high expectations for this season, but that isn’t something that Baker Mayfield is too concerned about. Mayfield knows everyone around the league has their set of expectations for what the Browns will accomplish this year, but points out last year that the guys inside the locker room actually had higher expectations than what the team accomplished.

He isn’t concerned about what others outside the locker room are saying, and is instead just focusing on what the goals he has with his teammates.

“I’d say the chatter doesn’t matter,” Baker Mayfield said via “The expectations for us within the locker room last year were higher than what we accomplished. Outside the locker room, people threw us in the trash before the season. They didn’t expect much out of us just because, the year before that, [the] Browns were 0-16. So, you know, you can only go up from there. And I think now we need to have the same mentality. It stays within that locker room.”

Mayfield also says he doesn’t feel the pressure that everyone is putting on him because he has just as high expectations for himself. Last season Mayfield didn’t start the full season but was still impressive when he was on the field throwing for 3,725 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions.

Even if Mayfield said the expectations don’t matter, he and the Browns are going to be looked at very closely all season. If the team does go through a bit of a slump, there is going to be a lot of chatter.